October is Reading Month! Personal reflections of a reading fanatic


I am looking forward to blogging for and about my Kumon learning centre in this new space!

I have been an avid reader since I was 6 years old and determinedly taught myself to read. Dr Seuss was a huge favourite of mine in my early years, and I was pleased to learn recently that Random House will be publishing stories of his previously unknown to most – see ‘The Bippolo Seed’: The ‘Lost’ Dr. Seuss Stories : NPR

Do you know what Dr Seuss’ one word of advice for children was?

Also, NPR has featured works by another beloved children’s author: Shel Silverstein’s Poems Live On In ‘Every Thing’ : NPR

Having been such a voracious reader for so long, I have an  enriched vocabulary and haven’t been afraid to use it, even with my children, so I was relieved to see that parents are now exhorted to use our Big, Big Words to encourage our children’s vocabulary development.

It was a delight to read this article on enticing reluctant readers to dive into books, especially with its helpful hints for parents of book-averse boys –

Finally (for now!) I want to mention another favourite author of mine, Roald Dahl, and a delightful website in honour of the 50th anniversary of James and the Giant Peach – Follow that Peach
“Send the peach on further adventures and keep it rolling around the world! Follow that Peach! and send a virtual peach or download a paper Peach-gram to send through the post.”
There’s even a terrific resource for teachers here: http://www.roalddahlday.info/pdfs/teach-the-peach.pdf
Happy October! What are you reading at the moment?

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  1. Wow, I didn’t know that October is reading month and now I like that idea. The reading habit can be imparted on a child once it is done at a young age as well as making reading as part of life’s routine as something fun. The public library is a great place to start for any parent who wants to instil the reading habit in a child. Secondly, I believe when parents love to read, they do beget kids who have a passion for reading. I maybe in my late twenties but I love reading as long as I could remember having my bedtime stories as a child or going to the library with my mum.

    • This is definitely one habit to grow as early as possible. For October being reading month see http://www.nationalbook.org/nbm.html

      The public library is beautiful, free and a cosy environment for budding book-lovers to be nurtured. And yes, parents who love to read tend to have kids who love to read, once they get over any fluency blocks that they may be experiencing. Like you, my mom always read to me, read lots of books herself and took me to the library regularly to re-stock my rapidly diminishing supply as I gobbled up book after book.

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